Fifth Gear continues to baffle us with R8 V10 review

OK, yesterday we posted Vicky Butler-Henderson’s Fifth Gear review of the 2009 Audi S4 Avant, a car we happen to like. While we’re biased to the car, and many reviews of the S4 have been very positive, VBH seemed to disagree, giving the S4 a rating of only 7 out of 10 due to poor handling and lower-than-expected fuel economy. The fuel economy, a valid point given that the S4 now competes with the BMW 335i and should have more comparable fuel economy figures. The handling, well, we disagree with, but, Fifth Gear has infinitely more seat time than I do so I can only wait and see once we get the chance to drive one.

However, here, we have Johnny Smith reviewing the brand-spankin’-new Audi R8 V10. While this is a short review, Mr. Smith goes on to mention how lovely the V10’s exhaust note and notes some of the other characteristics of the bigger, badder R8. For example, the reviewer noted the significant price gap between the relatively bargain V10’d R8 compared to its cousin the Lamborghini Gallardo – priced about $66,000 more if you translate it to dollars.

Another characteristic of the R8 he noted was that, while fast and agile, this likely isn’t an car you’d take to the track every week as you would a Lambo Gallardo – this is more of a cruiser, warp-speed GT car, which we would tend to agree with as the R8 comes across as both sport and luxury rather than just outright performance. Johnny also mentions that for the money, the R8 V10 is a steal considering the other cars it can keep up with, moving the R8 into a new performance point with the names of Ferrari and Lamborghini, for a much reduced price. However, the last few seconds of the review make the R8 V10 sound like it was all for naught – check out the video to see what Fifth Gear says as we try to understand their angle on their reviews.


(Source: AutoBlog)