Ferdinand Piech might be back in at Volkswagen

After former Volkswagen CEO, Martin Winterkorn, resigned, Mattias Müller took over as interim CEO of the company. Müller, formerly of Porsche, was Ferdinand Piech’s first choice for Volkswagen CEO when Piech was still part of the Supervisory Board for VW. Piech “resigned” earlier this year due to a “mutual distrust”, according to Volkswagen. Piece was against the hiring of Winterkorn as CEO and wanted Müller, so he distanced himself from Winterkorn.

Matthias Müller, current interim CEO of Volkswagen.

Now that Winterkorn is out and Müller is in, at least at the moment, this leaves the door open for a return for Piech to the Supervisory Board or even more. Piech is currently buddy-buddy with Müller, so he can directly influence Müller’s actions even without being on the Board. However, it’s quite possible that a return for Piech is in the near future.

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There’s also a possibility of Piech taking Müller’s spot. Müller is said to only be an interim CEO and is looking for a replacement. If Müller is looking for a replacement and Piech is looking to get back into VW, would it be that farfetched for Piech to be that replacement? While that may be a bit of a stretch, it’s certainly likely that Piech gets back into the Volkswagen Group in some way or another.

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