What was your favorite car from the 2018 Detroit Auto Show?

The press-days of the 2018 Detroit Auto Show have just concluded, showing off many new cars to the public for the first time. Now, it’s the turn of the public to go to the show and check out all of the new cars we’ve shown you on the interwebs. This was a big year for Detroit, as many new debuts and a lot of breaking news occurred. But most importantly, there were just a lot of great cars shown off in Detroit from several different automakers, not just Audi. So which of the cars show in Detroit was your favorite?

It’s hard to choose a favorite among the cars shown off over the past couple of days. Audi had several great cars on display but only one of them really stood out among not only its own siblings but the rest of the industry as well — the Audi A7. This new second-generation A7 looks great and is possibly the best looking car in Audi’s current stable, aside from the R8 obviously. It’s sleek and seductive while also being aggressive. We weren’t sure how Audi was going to improve on the first-gen car but it seems as if it has done so brilliantly.

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But it wasn’t just Audi that showed off some great cars. BMW had its X2 crossover on display for the first time and it’s going to be a big hit. It’s stylish and funky looking, which will appeal to a younger audience, something all premium brands are trying to do. It’s also going to be affordable (somewhat), which should allow that younger audience to actually buy it. The X2 will compete directly with the Audi Q2 but will have one distinct advantage — it will be sold in America. It might springboard Audi to launch the Q2 ‘Stateside.

Mercedes-Benz, not to let its German rivals have all of the spotlight, also made waves by debuting the brand-new G-Class SUV. This new Mercedes-Benz G-Class is the first all-new iteration of the car since its original debut back in 1979. Though, if we didn’t tell you that, you may have never known it was all-new. It looks almost identical to the car it replaces and that’s completely intentional. Mercedes understood that the G-Class has a loyal following and the folks in Stuttgart did not want to upset its fans. Mercedes’ designers and engineers also deserve a ton of credit for being able to recreate that incredibly boxy shape while also meeting modern, and future, crash and pedestrian impact regulations. It looks great and we would love a go in it.

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The Ford Mustang Bullitt also made an appearance in Detroit, showing off the latest, and most faithful, recreation of the iconic film car. This new Mustang Bullitt is the best recreation yet, nailing the small details and the color combination. It also gets a more powerful V8 and better performance.

There are too many great cars to list but these are just some of our favorites. Let us know which of the cars shown at the 2018 Detroit Auto Show were your favorites.

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