The Fastest Audi Q2 is…not that fast

We really did have high hopes for the Audi Q2 before it debuted. But upon release, we were left a bit disappointed. Audi’s smallest SUV had so much potential to be a fun-loving little crossover with the spirit of the UR Audi Quattro. Instead, it’s just a simple crossover with very little excitement factor. In fact, the absolute fastest Audi Q2 you can buy isn’t actually very fast at all.

The Audi Q2 2.0 TFSI S-Line is the fasted Q2 money can buy. Under its hood lies a transverse-mounted 2.0 liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine. Wanna know how much power? 187 hp. That’s right, the fastest Q2 you can possibly get from Audi has about as much power as a four-cylinder Honda Accord. That hurts a bit inside.

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Now, we know that power and performance are not the only metrics for fun. In fact, sometimes a car can be an absolute riot to drive without either of those things. However, the Q2 isn’t exactly a scalpel on the road. It’s not bad to drive, don’t get me wrong. It’s relatively sporty feeling, has decent steering and body control is good. But it’s not exactly a road weapon, now is it? So it needs a bit of performance, it needs a bit of scoot to make it entertaining. Except, it doesn’t have any.

The worst part about all this? It’s expensive. So if you want the fastest Audi Q2, not only are you not getting a fast car, you’re paying top dollar for it. That’s not cool, Audi. Fortunately, there’s a good possibility that an Audi SQ2, or even RS Q2 come to fruition. Stephan Winkelmann himself (boss of Audi Sport) said that the brand was looking into more performance SUVs. This would certainly quell the horsepower issue. Though, it would also increase the price.

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We had such high hopes for the Q2. It looks good, it’s based on the same chassis as the Audi RS3 and it’s the right size. We were hoping for something that was equal parts crossover/equal parts Audi Quattro. But it’s not that at all.

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