Fake Lamborghini Urus is just a wrapped Audi Q7

Lamborghini has been in the process of developing an SUV for some time now. The so-called Lamborghini Urus is on the way, but we don’t know how long it will take or when we will actually see a production-ready model. However, that didn’t stop a German Lamborghini dealership from drumming up some excitement. And dealerships trying to get their customers excited about an upcoming car is fine. But not when they do it like this.

A Lamborghini dealership in Germany essentially took an Audi Q7 and wrapped it in the sort of camouflage that automakers use to disguise test mules. They then removed the four-ringed Audi logo from the back and replaced it with a Lamborghini badge and added a fake vent to the front fender, to make it look sporty. So, the unknowing customer might actually believe that this is a Lamborghini SUV when any half-witted car enthusiast would know that it’s an Audi Q7 straight away.

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Lamborghini Urus concept
Lamborghini Urus concept

But they didn’t just stop there. They added some writing to the side of the Audi Q7 “Urus”, that reads “Der Urus kommt / Lamborghini Nürnberg.” That roughly translates to “The Urus is coming” and then the name of the dealership.

This is a pretty cheesy thing to do, faking a Lamborghini with an Audi for promotional purposes. Although, it’s a good choice of car to fake it with, as the Urus will be built on the same MLB platform that underpins the Audi Q7 and Bentley Bentayga. So, it’s kind of a Urus underneath, right?

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