Face off: A6 and 5 Series meet the new E Class

BMWBlog has posted a comparison done by Autobild on the facelifted A6 V8, BMW 550 V8 and the very newly designed Mercedes E500. Autobild’s comparison takes an outside look at the new mid-size German sedans from the perspective of exterior design and onto interior design. This is an especially important comparison for Mercedes as it’s new E class must stand up the pressures of the continued success of the BMW 5 Series as well as the continued growth of Audi’s A6 within this luxury segment.



The exterior comparison pits the radical design cues from the E60 5 Series against the facelifted yet conservative styling of the A6 and the nicely refreshed E class from Mercedes. This segment has  a lot of variety with the A6 looking very much like an evolved C5 A6, the Bangle-shaped 5 Series really setting itself apart and the brand new E class taking bits of it’s big brother the S class’s design cues while still retaining a profile that very much resembles the outgoing E class.


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On the inside, the cars continue their styling cues to set themselves apart from one another. With systems like MMI, COMAND, and i-Drive now standard, Audi and Mercedes have had more of an opportunity to better integrate these systems into the flow of the console from the driver’s to passenger’s side – something BMW is likely to rectify in it’s 2011 5 Series. Audi also stays conservative compared with the BMW in terms of the shift knob of their automatic transmissions with BMW’s more avant garde styling. What is unfortunate is the use of a column shifter for a transmission on the part of Mercedes, something that hasn’t really pleased many in this segment in recent years. However, overall, these interiors are all a wonderful place to sit and it’s always good to see the competition keeping things on edge in the closely contended mid-size luxury segment.

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(Photos sourced from Audobild)