Every single Audi R8 is road tested before delivery

If you’re buying an Audi R8, chances are you’re spending quite a lot of your own money and you want excellent service. To be honest, if you’re spending $150,000 or thereabout on anything, you better be getting excellent service. So it’s nice to know that Audi road tests every single R8 that’s built to ensure its quality.

According to Autocar, every single Audi R8 that leaves the¬†Neckarsulm, Germany factory is road tested on a 40km public test route by Audi engineers before it’s delivered to either the showroom or its customers. This is unlike most other Audi models and most other cars in general, to be honest. It’s nice to know, as the R8 is a very high-strung car that has very high performance limits. So it would be comforting to know if that your car passed a specific road test before being sold to you.

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When employees test the Audi R8 on public roads, the cars are wrapped in a protective film, so as to not have any rocks chip the paint or glass. Which is nice to know that Audi isn’t just joy-riding with your R8 and that it’s taking care of your very expensive car.

Apparently, this very specific test route that these Audi R8 customer cars take is the only way Audi can make sure that no issues arise, mechanically or otherwise, with the mid-engine supercars. While it means you don’t get a brand new car with single-digit mileage but it does prove that your car is in tip-top shape.

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The Audi R8 is currently on its way out, though. If you want one you’re going to have to buy it soon, as it only has about two years left before Audi puts it out to pasture. It will be a said day when it finally goes, as it’s been such a huge part of the Audi brand for so long now, but it’s been a good run and it’s time.

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