Entry-Level Audi e-tron will be its most important

We just learned that Audi is going to be debuting yet another electric car in just a couple of months. According to Auto Express, who recently spoke with Andreas Mindt, head of exterior design for Audi, the four-ringed brand is going to debut a small, entry-level EV soon. Considering that came from Mindt and is not just a rumor, we can safely say that Audi’s next electric car is going to be it’s most important.

Its first ever all-electric car, the e-tron SUV, is incredibly impressive and is hugely important to the brand. However, it’s quite expensive, starting in the mid $70,000-range and its gets well into the $80,000s quite quickly. So it’s not the sort of EV tons of customers can afford.

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Its second electric car, the e-tron GT, is even more exciting. It’s a sexy, four-door liftback GT with 590 hp and a 0-60 mph time of 3.5 seconds. How is that not exciting? However, it’s likely going to be even more expensive than the e-tron SUV and even less practical for daily life.

This new EV? It will likely be an affordable, compact hatchback. That will help Audi market electric vehicles to a much, much wider audience and bring a ton of brand awareness to e-tron. So not only will it sell more on its own but it will help market Audi’s more expensive e-tron models. So the Audi e-tron GT will act as a sort of EV flagship, sort of like how the original Audi R8 did, and bring people into the dealership but then this upcoming entry-level e-tron will be the car they actually buy. The R8 wouldn’t have worked if Audi didn’t have great affordable cars, like the A4, as well. This entry-level Audi e-tron will be that more affordable car that people buy so they can have a slice of e-tron.

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