Engine confirmed for upcoming RS5

Beyond the R8 and  ’10 S4,  the RS5 may be one of the most anticipated 4ringed cars of the last few years. Over the last few months, as the spy shots have increased, as has the speculation on what sort of powerplant quattro GmbH has up their sleeves for their favorite M3 fighter.


Rumors have ranged from a V10 ala the RS6 to a twin-turbo V8 churning out roughly 500 horsepower. However, CAR has the inside scoop and it is neither of those two engines but, in fact, a 4.2L naturally aspirated V8 tuned out to 450HP while being a higher revving motor than the outgoing 4.2L on the B7 RS4. CAR expects this will make the RS4 good for a 0 to 60 sprint in the mid-4 second range keeping in line with the M3’s similar figures.

CAR also goes on to note that Audi will likely implement some weight saving technology to help reduce the overall weight of the vehicle which will in turn also help the driving dynamics of the car. Our guess is you can also expect a possible upgraded version of Audi Drive Select as well as a differential similar to that of the torque vectoring differential found in the new S4. No word on transmissions yet, but we would be surprised if the RS5 didn’t come with the option for the dual clutch 7-speed automatic ‘box found in other Non-U.S. Audis.


It is expected that the European market will see the big coupe go on sale in late 2009 with a possible U.S. on-sale-date around mid-spring 2010. The jury is still out though on whether or not we will receive the RS5 stateside, but, we’re willing to bet that, in a market dominated by the M3 and with Audi’s big marketing push to gain market space, it ‘s nearly a sure thing the RS5 will cross the pond in early 2010.

Note: Above picture is of a B7 RS4 engine

(Source: CAR Magazine)