Eleven new Audi models to debut in 2019

Audi’s model line is about to explode in about a year’s time. Which is kind of crazy, considering the massive turnaround the brand has already had in the past year or so. However, come 2019, Audi will be expanding its lineup with eleven new models.

According to a photo of Audi’s road-map for 2019, seen thanks to the Spanish publication Periodismo del Motor, we can clearly see eleven new models. Admittedly, some of them are cars we’ve already seen before, they’ll just be officially hitting the road in 2019, like the RS5 Sportback.

Some of these new cars will also be facelifted and/or refreshed versions of existing cars, such as the A4 and Q7. Though, some of them will be entirely new cars, which we’ll be seeing and hearing about for the first time.

Both the new Audi RS7 and e-tron Sportback will be all new, showing off both sides of the Audi performance scale, with internal combustion and electrification on either end, respectively. There will also be an A6 Allroad, but we told you about that already, as well as the Audi RS6. So two new A6-family cars will debuting but one is a soft-roader and the other one is a road-legal ballistic missile.

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Of these new and upcoming cars, we’re most excited about the Audi RS7 and the e-tron Sportback. The former could be a car of two firsts for Audi Sport — it could be the first to offer two powertrains and the first to offer electrification. The upcoming RS7 is said to have two powertrain options, one a 4.0 liter twin-turbo V8 making over 600 hp and the other being a hybrid powertrain using that same 4.0 liter V* but with electric motors, making almost 700 hp. That would make it the most powerful Audi of all time.

While the Audi e-tron Sportback could be one of the brand’s most exciting models, given that it will be a sleek, four-door sportback with presumably sharp looks and an all electric powertrain.

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