Audi to Only Build Bespoke EVs — Electric R8 Could be On the Way

This is an interesting time for automakers, as they must plan to completely transform their brands from internal combustion, which they’ve known for a hundred years, to electrification, which is still very new. What’s fascinating is seeing how certain brands are approaching this switch differently. For example, BMW is taking a more tempered approach, with a single architecture that will support cars with both internal combustion engines and electric motors. While Audi, along with Jaguar, is being a bit more bold.


During a recent interview with Top Gear, Audi CEO Markus Duesmann said that the brand won’t be making cars that have both piston engines and electric motors. It’s going to be one or the other and that will mean that some current gas-powered cars are going to have to go.

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“We make purpose-built EVs.” Duesmann told TG, implying that Audi won’t make electric versions of existing cars but bespoke EVs instead. “So certainly we’ll cut back on our ICE portfolio in the next 10 years.”


Recently, Duesmann already admitted that the Audi A1 will likely be the first to hit the chopping block but that it might be replaced with an electric Audi A2, potentially called the E2.


He also gave TG another potential nugget of information, claiming that an electric Audi R8 could replace the current V10-powered supercar. “That wasn’t the original idea,” he said. “But it could make sense. We could do it if we wanted to.”

The assembly facility of the Audi e-tron GT at Böllinger Höfe: During the marriage, employees fasten the battery and the drive components to the body with screws at 74 points.


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That seems to us that Audi is already very much considering it, as it should be. The R8 is one of the most iconic cars in the history of the brand and is the car that put it on the performance map. Audi was just a maker of quirky sedans and wagons before the R8. Now, it’s a genuine performance car maker and one of the more respected ones. The Audi R8 gives the brand performance car credibility and an electric version needs to be made.

[Source: Top Gear]
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