Ducati Takes Home Prestigious Design Award

Ducati has, yet again, received an award for its design prowess. This time for the new XDiavel S. The last time a Ducati won this particular recognition was in 2013, the 1199 Panigale.
The award itself is the Red Dot Award, “Best of the Best”. Aspects of the product design which are weighed in the determination process are innovation and use of design. The highly regarded Red Dot Awards have been given since 1955 and Ducati is, obviously, elated to receive it. Ducati’s Andrea Ferraresi spoke a bit about the significance of the award, saying, “A prize such as the Red Dot Award rewards Ducati’s creativity and innovation as much as it repays our tenacity in facing new challenges and venturing along new roads.”
Ducati draXter Concept
The XDiavel has made a big splash since its introduction, and it has also been very controversial. As the first proper cruiser from the Italian marque, some enthusiasts are disgusted by its mere existence. On the other hand, many are quite impressed by Ducati’s ability to maintain its typical characteristics in such a non-sporty segment by creating a cruiser with great performance.
Ducati has undeniably charted a path towards growth, though the company’s CEO has stressed that growth will not come at the expense of prestige and exclusivity. A recognition such as this, reaffirms the brand’s prestige and uniqueness as it enters into a new territory of the premium motorcycle market.
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