Ducati Panigale R Final Edition — The Final Twin Ducati Superbike

Yesterday was both a sad and wonderful day. Wonderful because Ducati officially unveiled the ‘swan-song’ of its much beloved Panigale superbike, the Panigale R Final Edition, to a small group of media in Pebble Beach, California. Sad, however, as it marks the end of the road for the twin motor in the company’s superbikes, a configuration which has become largely synonymous with the brand’s flagship range.

Instead, as has been rumored, a new V4 powered model will replace the outgoing Panigale. Yet, in true Ducati fashion, the current Panigale will be given a proper send off.

Adorning a tricolor livery, utilizing the colors of the Italian flag, this distinctive variant is quite outstanding. Hopefully, the livery is pleasing to your tastes, as it’s the only color combination the Final Edition will be available in. Likely to be a choice model among collectors, each Final Edition will adorn an individual number reflecting its production. Surprisingly, there is no intention of limiting the number of Final Edition Panigales that will be produced.

Consistent with the quintessence of the Ducati brand, performance plays a central role in the motorcycle’s appeal, equal to, rather than secondary to, aesthetics. The motor, largely related to that which is used in the 1299 Panigale Superleggera, produces an astounding 209 horsepower. One certainly cannot argue that Ducati is retiring the twin motor because it is not capable of producing adequate power.

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Adjustable Öhlins front and rear suspension serve as just a single, immediately recognizable conveyor of the bike’s ultra-premium nature. Unsurprisingly as well, the motorcycle adorns the full suite of Ducati’s relevant technological systems.

The unique, and Euro4 compliant, full-titanium Akrapovi? exhaust, with two canisters discharging from beneath the tail can be described simply as art. Art that can be more than merely seen, but also heard. Fittingly, top-tier Brembo brake units are tasked with bringing this powerful, though quite light, motorcycle to heel. Speaking of lightness, weight has been kept below 400 pounds.

No word as of yet as to what the new 1299 Panigale R Final Edition will cost, though potential customers will likely give very little consideration to such a datum anyway. Sitting near the pinnacle of this truly aspirational brand’s lineup, you can expect pricing alone to ensure exclusivity. Though we are admittedly saddened by the ending of the Panigale’s production run, this Final Edition model is a very befitting goodbye, and we also look forward, quite anticipatively, to its replacement.

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