Ducati Monster 25th Birthday Commemorated with Special Model

Ducati, 25 years ago, created the naked bike segment when they introduced the Monster. A motorcycle with the underpinnings of a sport bike, yet with more upright handle bars, a less severe ride and an engine tune that provided more low-end torque, to make the power more accessible. A winning combination, with all of the cliched Italian flair and character that you’d expect from an exotic brand like Ducati. 25 years later and the the love affair between consumers, the press and Ducati’s Monster range has only intensified. More than 325,000 Monsters have been created, a very large figure for a rather small and exclusive brand. Now, to commemorate the success that the Monster represents, both as a sales success and a substantive product success, a special version of the model has been introduced.

Dubbed the Ducati Monster 1200 25° Anniversario, it is described by Ducati as being, “the most precious and exclusive Monster ever.” Exciting, right?

For starters, for those pursuing exclusivity, something truly outstanding, a mere 500 Monster 25° Anniversarios will be produced. Aesthetically too, the Anniversario is distinctive. Immediately recognizable, thanks to a unique Italian flag color scheme. Being that it also stands atop the Monster range, another mark of its prestige is the gold frame, which is made from aluminum. That is, gold colored. The wheels benefit from the same color treatment, as well, and are manufactured by Marchesini, which is a name that you’re familiar with if you know expensive, high quality motorcycle accessories.

Another expression of quality, the Anniversario comes well appointed with carbon fiber accessories, such as mudguards, around the key hole and the heat shield. Several components are machined from solid material, like the gas cap, the mirrors, even the frame plugs and handlebar ends. Impressive.

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One thing you’d expect from any product adorning the Ducati name is exceptional handling. A brand name, one which it could be argued is the gold standard in the two wheeled realm, is tapped to provide the suspension and the steering damper; Öhlins. As for braking, another top-tier brand contributes here as well. Brembo discs and calipers give you the reassurance you need to truly be able to enjoy the 147 hp Testastretta twin that is the heart of this Italian stallion. Thanks to software from the Germans, Bosch specifically, you can even use those Brembo brakes whilst in a turn, thanks to the Cornering ABS.

The tech continues, as the same Inertial Measurement Unit or IMU that enables the Cornering ABS to function properly also enables the use of Ducati’s Wheelie Control. Of course, the Anniversario has Ducati’s Traction Control as well as Riding Modes and DQS. DQS being Ducati’s up and down quickshifter, so you can abruptly change gear without even engaging the clutch. As for user experience, you can interface with and manage all of these different assistance systems and modes through the full color TFT display.

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One quick aside, as Ducati has been placing particular emphasis on improving the reliability of its products, too has the firm been able to further distance the service intervals of its newer offerings. In the not too distant past, and still in the M797, the valve service interval was 7,500 miles. The Anniversario, however, requires valve service only at roughly 18,600 miles. A major improvement.

It’s vulgar to talk about price when discussing such an exotic product, maybe that’s why Ducati neglected to disclose exactly how much this commemorative Monster will cost when it becomes available in the States this coming November. European and Japanese consumers will be able to get their hands on the Anniversario a bit earlier, September and October. If you’re in the land down under, you’ll have to wait until December. However, Ducati says that the Anniversario can be ordered now at any Ducati retailer.