Don’t expect an electric Lamborghini any time soon

Lamborghini basically lit its enthusiasts’ pitchforks for them when it made the Urus SUV. The fact that Lamborghini, the brand most famous for making some of the most thrilling and exotic supercars, would make an SUV based on an Audi platform with an Audi engine seriously upset the Sant’Agata applecart. Though, those upset by the Urus will be happy to know that the blasphemy will stop there. Or at least for awhile. Lamborghini has just recently announced that it has no plans to develop an electric car any time soon.

Apparently, Lamborghini, much like every other car company, has actually been toying with the idea of an electric supercar. However, its engineers have deemed battery power to not be vicious enough for its performance demands. “Our target is to deliver a super sports car, and these specifications don’t exist with a battery package in terms of energy and power,” said Lamborghini Chief Technical Officer Maurizio Reggiani. He also pointed out electric cars’ lack of noise as “the other fundamental point we are looking at,”.

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“A super sports car is an emotion,” Reggiani said. “It must be perceivable based on acceleration, the emotion the car must give you.”

This is important for the Lamborghini brand, as its entire philosophy is based on emotion and excitement. Electric cars provide neither of those things and are known to be quite lifeless, even the incredibly fast ones. Lamborghini will eventually have to jump ship and make an electric car, as that’s just the way of the future and there will come a time when gasoline cars are banned in most cities and maybe even some countries. That time is still a long ways away but the Sant’Agata-based brand knows that it’s coming. Just not anytime soon.

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So rest easy, Lamborghini fans. Don’t expect an electric Lambo in the near future. A plug-in hybrid likely isn’t out of the question, or even a KERS-based hybrid like the Ferrari LaFerrari. However, a purely electric Lamborghini is not something we’ll be reading about soon.

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