Does this Track-Ready Audi Ur Quattro scratch your Rally Itch?

When it comes to buying a classic Audi, there’s really only one choice — the Ur Quattro. It’s the classic Audi and the car that put the four-rings on the performance-car map. When the Audi Quattro (known as Ur Quattro) first debuted, it dominated rally stages and made Audi a player on the world stage of WRC. So if you’re going to buy a classic Quattro, why not get one ready for some rally racing?


This specific 1985 Audi Ur Quattro is currently up for auction on Bring-A-Trailer could scratch that recreational rally itch. It’s a Canadian-market car, currently residing in Toronto, and it’s been modified for track-duty. What’s great about the Ur Quattro is that it can race on both dry pavement and dirt roads, so it doesn’t matter what sort of track you want to tackle, the Quattro can handle it.


The Audi Ur Quattro is powered by a 2.1 liter turbocharged five-cylinder engine but this car has been upgraded with an Audi Sport K26 turbocharger, Audi Sport camshaft, new valves, a larger intercooler and a new GReddy fuel computer. It also has Bilstein shocks and Eibach springs, with aluminum Audi Sport control arm and subframe bushings, as well as bigger brakes and a stiffer anti-roll bar at the front.


Inside, it gets a four-point harness for the driver’s seat, a new Audi Sport steering wheel and an upgraded shift lever.


In the short video clip provided by the seller, this specific Audi Ur Quatto sounds fantastic, with a classic five-cylinder warble and a ton of turbo whoosh. Old turbocharged engines might have a ton of lag compared to modern engines but, between the sledgehammer boost and the intoxicating noises, they have far more character.


This 1985 Audi Ur Quattro only has 223,000 km (139,000 miles) on the odometer, which is good for a car of its age. It’s also in great condition and runs and drives very well. It’s no garage queen but that’s not what you want. This car’s been driven and driven hard, which is exactly what it was built for.


There are currently four days left on the bit and, at the time of writing this, is at $22,000. So it’s not going to be cheap but if you want a classic Audi Ur Quattro that you can flog on the road, on track and on dirt, it’s worth the money.


[Source: Bring-A-Trailer]
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