Does this B7 Audi RS4 deserve your love and care?

The US market has never been given many Audi Sport products. So genuine US-spec Audi RS models are quite rare and special. One of the best we ever got was the B7-generation Audi RS4, a car that Audi enthusiasts adore, especially in the ‘States. So when we see one on Bring-A-Trailer, it piques our interest. Especially when it’s just a bit rough around the edges, as it means it can be had for a bit cheap. But fixing up a rare car like the B7 RS4 can be quite expensive. Is this specific car worth your tender love and care?

This specific 2008 Audi RS4 currently has 84,000 miles on the clock and it has an issue or two. As for the minor stuff, it has some curbed wheels, which is a bit disappointing as they’re some of the coolest stock Audi wheels ever sold. It also has a couple of chips in its windshield, which could get worse as time goes on. So it needs to be replaced. But upgraded wheels and a new windshield aren’t impossible.

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However, there are a few mechanical niggles to worry about. There seems to be some oil leaking from the back of the engine, down onto the transmission. There’s a coolant leak as well that needs to be looked at. On top of those two things, one of its CV boots is leaking grease, so it could have a damaged CV joint.

These are some issues that need to be considered by the potential buyer. However, is the B7 Audi RS4 a good enough car to warrant fixing those issues? Its 4.2 liter naturally-aspirated V8 is a thing of joy, with its linear powerband and glorious noise. It’s also one of the best driving Audis of its era, with sharp responses, excellent steering and a playful chassis. Though, as wonderful as its V8 is, it’s going to need its timing chain/tensioners replaced in the next 20,000 miles or so, which is a very expensive job.

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So this Audi RS4 is a great car and one that, in good condition, will give its owner a ton of joy and happiness. But it might not be cheap. So is this car worth your time, love and care?

[Source: Bring-A-Trailer]
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