Does the Audi TT have one of the best interiors of the 21st Century?

This new current generation of Audi TT is going the way of the dodo sooner than we’d like. Replacing it will be something all-electric and potentially not even a coupe/roadster anymore, which is a bit sad. The current TT is going to be missed and for several reasons. One such reason is its interior.


According to Top Gear, the Audi TT has one of the best interiors of the 21st century. While that might seem like hyperbole, there’s actually a lot of merit to that claim.



When the current TT first debuted, its interior was a revelation, as it bucked the trend of complex, screen-riddled cabins in favor of something simpler. Not only is it still just as good but, like fine wine, it’s actually getting better with age.


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In this modern era, when car interiors are getting more and more complex, the Audi TT is a breath of fresh air.


It lacks a central infotainment screen entirely — unusual for a modern car — and relies solely on its Virtual Cockpit gauge cluster. That leaves the driver’s eye-line clear and makes it feel more driver-oriented. Its air vents have climate controls built into them, which not only looks cleaner and less cluttered but feels more intuitive to use. It’s also made of a higher quality than almost any car in its class.



What’s even more impressive is that the TT’s cabin is often considered even nicer than that of the Audi R8, a car costing three times as much. Again, that might sound like hyperbole but it’s not. Its interior quality is similar to that of the R8 but is actually a bit cleaner, less cluttered and more driver-oriented.

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The Audi TT will be dearly missed when it’s gone and it will be missed for several reasons. But possibly chief of which is its interior.


[Source: Top Gear]
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