Does Audi really need to add even more models?

Audi has set its sights on having a 60-model lineup by the end of the decade, but do they really need it?

Volkswagen’s premium marque has been on a roll in these past years and this helped them build confidence to add more and more models. So far these new additions have been doing a great job at jacking up deliveries and Audi wants an even larger piece of the action as they plan on extending the model lineup to 60 cars by the end of the decade.

When will this stop? We are asking this question because sooner or later, the market for premium marque will stop increasing and it already shows signs of slowing down in China where Audi sales have started to go down and the company is updating its annual sales target to last year’s level. When demand will really start going down, what will happen to all these new models Audi is adding to their ever growing lineup?

To put this into context, Audi has promised to add not only a Q6 and a Q8, but also the Q1 and there might be an A9 to sit on top of the range. We could also see a more rugged TTQ as well as a TTC four-door model while reports regarding a minivan keep surfacing. Additional RS-badged models are also on the agenda and who know what’s going on in Ingolstadt as other cars could also be in the works, such as additional plug-in hybrids and pure electric cars as well as the long-rumored R5.

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Reaching the 60-model lineup by 2020 will require a massive €22 billion investment, so Audi is taking a big gamble and hopefully it won’t all come crashing down once demand will stop growing.

Adrian Padeanu

Long-time fan of the fabled Four Rings.