Does Audi need its own Jarvis?

Who here has seen any of the Iron Man movies? Okay, most of you. Good. For those of you that haven’t, Iron Man, aka Tony Stark, has a personal artificial intelligence system built into a sort of cloud and it can help him control everything he has, from his superhero suit, to his house, to his Stark Tower. This A.I. system was known as Jarvis. While Jarvis’ capabilities and level of technology are far beyond what’s available today, in the real world, personal A.I. systems, such as Amazon’s Alexa, are becoming increasingly popular, even in the automotive industry. So does Audi need its own Jarvis?

Mercedes-Benz was really the first car brand to develop something like this. Debuting in the new A-Class, called MBUX (because Germans literally can’t name anything cool), this new A.I. system will be able to take natural voice commands from its passengers. Admittedly, it’s really no more than just a sophisticated voice control system and not actually artificial intelligence but let a man dream. Anyway, Mercedes-Benz isn’t the only brand doing it, as BMW is debuting its own digital intelligent personal assistant called, well, Intelligent Personal Assistant…

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Both of these brands have their own little digital assistants that can help the driver with whatever they want. So, for instance, if the driver of a Mercedes A-Class wants to change the temperature in the car, they can just say “Hey, Mercedes, turn the heat up to 72-degrees” and it will just do that. They could even just say something like “Hey, Mercedes, I’m a bit cold” and it will turn the heat up to what it thinks is appropriate. That’s pretty cool actually.

So it got us thinking, when is Audi going to make a system like this? Honestly, it’s not far away. Zee Germans love to copy each other, so the fact that both BMW and Mercedes have their own, Audi can’t be far behind. Plus, this could help with complaints about Audi’s MMI system going touchscreen, as a digital assistant could help with controls while driving, rather than actually touching anything. Oh, and if you’re listening Audi, don’t give it a stupid name like “MBUX” or “Intelligent Personal Assistant”. Name it something like “Jarvis”.

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