Details About Potential Audi and McLaren Deal Emerge

We’ve just learned that Audi has upped its offer to buy a stake in McLaren and its F1 team to 650 million euros. Little other information came with that report, leaving us all in the dark about the details of such a potential deal. Now, though, some details have emerged in this new exclusive report from Car Magazine.


As of right now, there’s nothing official from either Audi or McLaren. However, both brands are said to be signing a letter of intent, as both brands try and strike a deal. According to this new report, some of the details of that deal are rather interesting.

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This report claims that Audi would team up with McLaren’s motorsport division and Formula 1 team. Audi has been pursuing an entry into F1 for some time and it could officially join the famous open-wheeled motorsport as early as next week, according to another recent report from Reuters.


In addition to partnering up with McLaren’s F1 team, Audi would also supply engines. While VW wanted 2.0 liter four-cylinder engines for F1, the FIA decided on 1.6 liter V6 engines, as it was strongarmed by Ferrari.


If this deal does go down, Audi would also acquire McLaren’s automotive arm outright. No further details about what that might mean for both brands but the current deal is said to be all encompassing; the F1 team and the supercar arm of McLaren.


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McLaren’s automotive side hasn’t exactly been profitable over the past few years and it’s hard to resort to desperate measures, including selling off its Woking, England factory and leasing it back. A big part of these discussions is Mumtalakat, the Bahrain-based investment firm that owns 42 percent of McLaren. Apparently, Mumtalakat has been keen on selling the profitless automotive arm of McLaren for some time.


The Germans have proven very capable of taking loss-making but ultra-premium supercar and luxury brands and making them successful. Look at the VW Group with Bentley and Lamborghini or the BMW Group with Rolls-Royce and MINI. If Audi were to buy McLaren, it could be highly beneficial to both brands, as well as F1 fans across the globe. We’ll be sure to keep an eye on this moving forward.


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[Source: Car Magazine]
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