Design your own R8 V10 contest

For those who are car fans and own an Xbox or Xbox 360 there can be little doubt that they’ve heard of the Forza Motorsport series. The original Forza Motorsports game was released in mid-2005 as a sort of Microsoft Xbox answer to the highly successful, highly acclaimed Sony Playstation racing series Gran Turismo. Well, Forza managed to answer the challenge of Gran Turismo by providing damage modeling, a wide array of cars and competitive series and tracks while allowing the player to both decorate their car by any means they saw fit as well as set up and buy upgrades for their vehicles. Coupled with the Xbox Live system, players could also download new paint schemes and vehicles to outfit their garage for both the singleplayer and multiplayer modes. 


After a successful sequel to the original, Turn 10, the firm that developed the Forza Motorsports series, is bringing out the 3rd game of the series and featuring one of the hottest cars of 2009: the 5.2L Audi R8 V10. To celebrate the 3rd installment in the series as well as get fans excited for the release in October, Turn 10 has come up with an interesting contest allowing the fans to personally design the paint scheme for the R8 V10 similar to the design studio that is found within the game itself. 


Hit the jump for how to enter the contest and see what you could win!

The winner of the contest? Well, after a panel of judges determines the best  5 designs, and the top 5 designs are then voted on via an online poll, the winner will have their design posted to Xbox Live as exclusive downloadable content. The 5 runners up will automatically receive an Xbox 360 wireless racing wheel. 

If you’d like to enter the contest and prove you’ve got the best design, then hit this jump to steer over to the Forza homepage and download the template. Once done, submit your best template to Forza and sit back and wait to win the steering wheel! The contest began June 2nd and ends as of midnight, June 14th. Keep in mind that the designs must be less than 26 megabytes and in .psd (Adobe Photoshop) file format when submitted. 

(Source: Forza Motorsports)