Delphi bringing autonomous Audi Q5 to CES

A few months back, Delphi guided an autonomous Audi SQ5 from San Francisco to New York, a 3,400 mile journey, with using only minutes of human driving. Using mostly highways, where traffic is relatively smooth, Delphi’s autonomous SQ5 was able to complete the journey safely almost entirely on its own. However, Delphi knows that there is room to improve and will be debuting its new innovations at next month’s CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas.

“We imagine a world with zero traffic accidents,” said Jeff Owens, Delphi’s chief technology officer. “To get there, we will need a convergence of active safety, sensor fusion, connectivity and advanced software.”

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The idea is to improve the technology enough so that it can guide a car through more urban and traffic-dense areas. To do so, Delphi will be improving vehicle-to-vehicle communication, allowing the car to see and understand where other vehicles are, improving detection of pedestrians on both the sidewalk and crossing the street and improving blind spot detection. All of these improvements will help Delphi’s autonomous technology become as complete as possible.

Autonomous Audi RS7
Autonomous Audi RS7

With Audi creating an autonomous RS7 that can lap race tracks faster than humans and Tesla creating its controversial Autopilot system, Delphi’s autonomous tech is coming at the right time.

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