David Ingram retires from Audi UK after more than 30 years

David Ingram has retired yesterday after no less than 36 years working within the Volkswagen Group and 34 of them he spent at Audi and was actually one of the members of the original Milton Keynes launching the brand after the separation in 1993. A very respected product expert, he helped Audi increase annual sales from less than 20,000 units in 1993 to more than 142,000 cars so far this year.

In addition, David Ingram was working at Audi when the first quattro models were introduced as well as when the company’s motorsport division won the first rallies. In addition, he also was there at the dawn of Audi’s Le Mans sports car project. He is appreciated within the VW Group for building important relationships throughout his career with members of the group as well as with Audi engineers, board members, drivers, racing teams and members of the media.

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David Ingram
David Ingram

For a considerable amount of time, David Ingram worked as a UK Right Hand Drive representative for Volkswagen Group’s secret prototype testing in which he approved basically all right-hand drive cars along with pre-production vehicles. In his final years with Audi, he was in charge of the press and PR department, providing his knowledge about Audi in the relationship with the media.

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