Daniel Abt dropped from Audi Sport ABT Schaeffler Formula E Team

Daniel Abt has now been officially dropped from the Formula E racing team that bares his own name. After getting caught using a stand-in driver during a recent Formula E Sim Race, Abt made a public apology and was suspended for the season and fined. Now, it seems that the Audi Sport ABT Schaeffler team has suspended Abt effective immediately.


Here’s the official statement from Audi Sport:

Daniel Abt, after six years and 63 races, will no longer drive for Audi in Formula E. He has been part of our Formula E team since the debut of the racing series in September 2014, and our official factory driver since the autumn of 2017. In Mexico and at our home round in Berlin, Abt took two fantastic Formula E victories and scored a total of ten podium results. With Daniel, we celebrated great success and made enormous strides with Formula E. We are thankful for our time together and look back on it proudly. However, integrity, transparency and consistent compliance with applicable rules, especially with regards to the past, are top priorities for us at Audi. We stand by our culture of tolerating mistakes. However, the incidents that took place during the “Race at Home Challenge” sim racing series were not a mistake, but a conscious decision to go against the rules. That is what makes the big difference for us. Therefore, unfortunately, we had no other alternative than suspending Daniel Abt.


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This isn’t a good look for Abt. His own family’s company has been a partner with the Audi Sport Formula E team since the beginning, so you’d imagine he’d take it more seriously. By his own admission, Abt didn’t take the new Sim Racing series seriously enough, so he’s now been indefinitely suspended by a team that shares his own name.


Abt released a video statement and apology, admitting his mistake. His €10,000 fine will go to charity and hopefully Abt can get back to racing next season.


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