Daniel Abt Returns to Formula E with NIO Instead of Audi

A few weeks ago, Daniel Abt was dropped from the Formula E team that wore his own name, Audi ABT Schaeffler. Abt was dropped for having a stand-in race for him during a virtual race. He made a former apology and he was fined EUR 10,000. However, now Abt is back but with an entirely new team — NIO. Could be awkward.


“I am extremely happy to tell you that I will finish season 6 of Formula E together with[Team NIO 333]” said Abt in a recent Instagram Post.


“Announcing my comeback after the tough last weeks I had just feels amazing. I want to thank the team for giving me the chance and believing in me. It will be a big challenge but I will give everything to finish the season on a high together. Thanks to everyone who didn’t stop believing in me. Nothing can stop us.”


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Abt will replace Chinese Driver Ma Qinghua for the NIO 333 team, joining fellow driver Brit Oliver Turvey. NIO 333 Team Boss Vincent Wang made a recent statement about the Abt’s signing, controversy and return to the sport.

Right: Daniel Abt

“The controversies surrounding him during the Race at Home Challenge reached quite a high level and will bring two opposite opinions. In the end, after discussing with some key figures of the paddock, we have decided to give Daniel an opportunity to return to Formula E.”


To be honest, this is a bit of an awkward situation. Abt was dropped and fined for cheating, yet is let back into the sport for a different team. What’s even more awkward is that his former team is partially owned and run by his own family. ABT Sportsline has been partnered with Audi and Schaeffler for years, with Abt at the helm of one of their cars. So to see him racing against his former team, which is also his family’s team, could be a bit odd.

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