Custom Q5 by…wait for it…Audi

We like the new Q5. However, we like the idea of a Q5 with a tuned out version of the 3.0TFSI pulled from the 2010 S4 producing 408HP which puts the Q5 into the mid-4 second 0 to 60MPH range. Well, apparently Audi has read our minds by internally developing the Q5 Custom Concept as pictured below. But, we have one problem with this uber-Q5, it will remain a concept!


So, the only way to see this brute of an SUV is to show up to the Wörthersee in Austria at the annual Wörthersee Tour. For those that don’t know, the Wörthersee Tour is a large meeting held annually which allows fans of the Volkswagen Group vehicles to get together to celebrate all things VAG. Historically, to show their appreciate for their customers and fans, VAG typically provide a somewhat zany vehicle to get everyone’s blood stirred up. A few years ago it was the GTI-W12-650 which had a GTI body powered by a Bentley W12 engine, or the TT Clubsport – which serve as ideas of what the VAG could possibly come up with.


So, we think that if you live in Europe and have the time, you should stop by the Wörthersee to check out this beefed up Daytona Gray-soaked Q5 with an S-line package, custom 21 inch, painted wheels and tricked out 3.0TFSI motor.  For information on the Wörthersee Tour, click here.