Crash test between Audi A3 and Ducati Multistrada

The Audi A3 and 2015 Multistrada 1200 S Touring D|Air were the actors in a crash test video to showcase the motorcycle’s safety capabilities. The bike features an innovative built-in airbag system which is wirelessly connected to the sensor and ECU. It’s a highly evolved system as the sensor of the airbag can make the difference between bumpy roads, jumping obstacles, leaning into the turns and an actual crash.

The airbag system adds only 1 kg to the Ducati motorcycle and comes with an additional LED indicator with three lights. The airbag contained in the rider’s jacket needs just about 80 milliseconds to inflate, with the process kicking off around 45 milliseconds after the start of the impact. The air bladders are fully inflated in 20 milliseconds in order to provide the best protection possible in these circumstances and in this particular case in an accident with the Audi A3.

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While the passengers inside the Audi A3 are well protected thanks to the clever construction, those on a motorcycle are considerably more exposed since there’s no metal around them to offer protection. But things are improving in this area as the 2015 Multistrada 1200 S Touring D|Air has a module capable of connecting the airbag-equipped jackets of the rider and passenger with the bike’s electronics, creating what is believed to be the most advanced and safest airbag system ever fitted onto a bike.

Adrian Padeanu

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