Could this Audi S2 Avant on Bring-A-Trailer be your RS2 substitute?

A little while back, we showed you an Audi RS2 Avant that was up for auction on Bring-A-Trailer and it was a pretty stunning car. It was in beautifully well preserved but also driven, so it wasn’t a garage queen that couldn’t be driven. That condition, combined with its rarity in the US, is why it ended up selling for $65,000. That’s a lot of money but it’s also a lot of car. However, if you want something a bit cheaper, feast your eyes on this Audi S2 Avant.

While it isn’t as special as the RS2, the Audi S2 Avant is still a very cool machine and a rare one at that. According to Bring-A-Trailer, where the car is listed for auction, only 1,812 S2 Avants were ever made. So it’s a special car, too.

This specific one was originally sold in Germany but then moved to Madrid, Spain for ten years. After that, it went to Canada and is now being auctioned off. Very much like the previous RS2 that sold, this Audi S2 Avant has some mileage on it, so it’s not a garage queen, but it’s also been very well kept. For 181,000 km (113,000 miles), it looks great. Even the driver seat lacks the usual wear on the outside bolster.

It’s finished in a fantastic Emerald Green Metallic color with a two-tone tan/black interior, which is a great color combo. Sure, there’s a nick in the paint here and there and a tiny tear in the leather on the inside but it’s in superb condition for its age and mileage. It’s 25 years old and it looks better than a lot of cars half its age.

Under the hood lies a 2.2 liter turbocharged inline-five cylinder engine, much like the RS2. However, unlike the RS2, the Audi S2 Avant wasn’t tuned by Porsche. So its engine only makes about 230 PS (227 hp), which is quite far off the 315 hp of the RS2. However, this Audi S2 Avant is significantly cheaper (at least it should be by the end of the auction) than the RS2. So that’s the trade off

While cheaper, less special and less powerful, this 1994 Audi S2 Avant is a special car and one that will serve its owner very well in the future. Plus, as we’ve seen, it can make an absurd amount of power.

[Source: Bring-A-Trailer]

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