Could the Volkswagen Golf get Audi’s Virtual Cockpit?

Volkswagen will be showing a technology concept at this year’s CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas come January. According to a statement from Volkswagen, this concept will display “developments in electromobility as well as the next generation of connectivity”. Volkswagen also spoke about a “Golf R Touch concept car”, whatever that may be.

All of this is coming from The Truth About Cars, who has discovered some video footage of this said Golf R Touch through “less-than-official channels”. In this video, we see a Volkswagen Golf that clearly has some sort of iteration of Audi’s Virtual Cockpit digital TFT screen gauge cluster. Aside from some color changes, this Volkswagen digital gauge cluster looks nearly identical to Audi’s VC.

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Audi TT Virtual Cockpit
Audi TT Virtual Cockpit

If this is the case, it would mark the first time that a fully digital gauge cluster would be offered in a Volkswagen Golf R. But it might not be the only first for Volkswagen being displayed on this car. It seems as if Google Earth and Maps will also be available for the first time on a Volkswagen, something Audi has had for a bit already. But the big thing seems to be the possibility of Gesture Control. Much like that of the brand-new BMW 7 Series, which marked the first offering of Gesture Control on a  production car, this Golf seems to have the ability to swipe through screens and even change songs by waving a hand past the screen. It’s hard to tell if the man in the video is actually touching the screen during these waves or just making gestures, as he gets very close, but it looks to be gesture controlled.

This would be big news for Volkswagen, as the Virtual Cockpit option has become incredibly popular among new Audi models, like the new Q7, TT and A4. We’ll know for sure when Volkswagen displays this concept car at CES next month, but until then it looks like Volkswagen is going to have some class-leading tech to show off.

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