Could Audi Really Buy the McLaren Formula One Team?

Audi and Porsche have been in talks with the FIA recently, with rumors of the two brands entering into Formula One. While these are just rumors at the moment, there may be some truth to them. By 2026, F1 will be changing its engine regulations, requiring 1.6 liter hybrid powertrains, something that both Audi and Porsche are very much interested in. However, the brands might not want to enter F1 directly, instead either partnering with an existing team or flat-out buying one. New rumors are circulating, claiming that Audi wants to go with option B and buy McLaren.


Surprisingly, the McLaren F1 team is in quite a bit of financial trouble, as it’s recently had to sell off assets just to afford to keep racing. Despite the team’s storied success, it’s put itself in quite a bit of debt and could be open for a sale. Considering that McLaren is already an established team, with a long history of success, it might be in Audi’s or Porsche’s best interest to acquire the team.

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Of all the teams that might be open for sale, McLaren is easily the best of them and the most established. If Audi were to buy McLaren, it would end up being beneficial for both brands.


At the moment, McLaren uses Mercedes engines, something it likely doesn’t want to do, considering that Mercedes is one of its biggest F1 rivals. If Audi were to take over, it could supply engines to McLaren, giving the Brits a new engine with which to take on its rival, rather than buying engines from that very rival. It would also give Audi a chance to learn chassis and handling technology from McLaren.

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With F1 changing to hybrid powertrains around the same time Audi wants to start weening itself off internal combustion, it makes sense for the four-ringed brand to join the sport. It would also likely make sense to buy an established team, with knowledge in the sport, rather than starting from scratch. There’s no better team to buy than McLaren, given its long history. The two brands could also work together on road cars, allowing their shared F1 knowledge bleed over to the road, which would be incredibly exciting.


These are just rumors for now but we sincerely hope they’re true. Not only would Audi in Formula One be awesome, Audi buying McLaren would be even better.

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