Computing is the Next Power Race, Says Audi CEO

The current automotive climate is changing rapidly. It seems like only yesterday that car companies were one-upping each other to try and break the three-second mark to 60 mph. Now, the horsepower and performance races are ending and the new power race is with microchips.


“When it comes to digitalization we are lagging behind — for now,” said Audi CEO Markus Duesmann.


Duesmann has made no secrets about his plan to take on Tesla. Just recently, he stated that Tesla is at least two years ahead of not only Audi but the entire industry, when it comes to technology. He wants to help Audi overtake Tesla and become the front-runner in automotive technology, electric vehicles and automation. Audi’s upcoming Project Artemis is a big part of that.


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“Technical development of vehicles is no longer organized according to a vehicle’s size, but by the car’s electrical and electronic architecture,” said Duesmann.


It’s a relatively small team, but its focus is narrow. “Artemis will be smaller than a Formula One team. I am thinking around 200 staff,” he said. “To develop a new car with so many new features in this period until 2024 is so demanding that it is probably without precedent. That’s why we have decided to work with a separate unit,”


Project Artemis exists to create a new electric vehicle platform based on the most advanced technologies possible. Then, those technologies will be shared across the entire VW Group, to help create as many new-age EVs as possible. In fact, some of the employees working on Artemis are actually from other brands in the VW Group. However, as far as Artemis goes, instructions come from Audi.

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“They need each other,”  Duesmann said about the Intra-Volkswagen collaboration. “The result will be a common concept which is scalable for all of us,” However, he did add that “The first model will be an Audi.”


[Source: Automotive News]
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