Compact MEB-based Audi e-tron Currently in the Works

The entire VW Group now has a shiny new tool at its disposal, something on which to build a whole slew of small electric cars — MEB. This new MEB architecture is a modular, compact electric platform was first used on the Volkswagen ID electric hatchback but it will serve as the underpinnings for several new compact EVs moving forward. One of which will be an Audi e-tron product, one that’s currently in the works.


Auto Express recently spoke with Audi Board Member for Product Marketing, Fermín Soneira Santos, who spoke about a compact EV coming in the near future.


“It is on our horizon, yes. It’s not yet designed, but yes, we have a chance to have cars on MEB, maybe tomorrow on MEB Entry, then also the e-tron GT. We have so many different platforms to choose from and where we can have input into.”


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Audi Q4 e-tron concept

To be honest, we knew the Audi Q4 e-tron was in the works, built on the MEB architecture but that’s going to be a small crossover. What Soneira Santos was talking about is a small Audi e-tron, similar to its VW I.D3 sibling. Both cars will be built on MEB but it won’t stop there. In fact, Audi has several cars planned for the all-electric architecture.


“I cannot tell you everything we have planned, and there are some things we haven’t planned to the end anyway. But you can just imagine a completely new platform, MEB, and it would make no sense to have just one derivative – the Q4 e-tron, with one certain range of powertrains. We will extend the portfolio and platform and have some emotional versions.” said Soneira Santos.


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Audi is in a unique position moving forward with electric vehicles. Having a massive parent company like Volkswagen helps to mitigate cost and create modular architectures that can span several different models. So we will be seeing many new Audi e-tron models coming from only one or two of these platforms.


“If you would talk about segments, Audi is going to be the one with the widest portfolio over the next years, compared with our competitors. We can go smaller and higher with less investment than our competitors. It’s an advantage.” he told Auto Express.


Thanks to that distinct advantage, we could see Audi e-tron become a household name in electric vehicles in only a few short years.

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[Source: Auto Express]
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