Compact Audi e-tron Concept to debut at 2019 Geneva Motor Show

A few weeks back, Audi revealed that it would be debuting yet another e-tron concept car, previewing a future compact electric car to compete with the Tesla Model 3. We’ve heard it could be a compact hatchback and we’ve heard it could be an Audi Q3-sized crossover. Whatever it ends up being, this new Audi e-tron concept car will make its debut at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show in a few weeks time.

Just yesterday, we heard rumors that Audi and Porsche were very concerned with the Tesla Model 3 and how it was more advanced than they both thought, while also having concerns about their own PPE (Premium Platform Electric) architecture’s ability to keep up. So it might seem odd at first to read that Audi is looking to take the Model 3 head on with this new compact EV.

This compact Audi e-tron won’t be based on the PPE architecture, though, it will be based on the MEB electric architecture developed by the Volkswagen Group. So it’s an entirely different platform and one that’s going to be very flexible while also being very high-tech. Volkswagen used this new architecture to create the VW ID electric concept car, which was very impressive.

To be honest, this upcoming compact Audi e-tron is the most exciting of all the electric Audi models. That’s because it’s going to be the most affordable and take on cars like the Model 3, Chevy Bolt, BMW i3 (and potentially BMW i4) and the Nissan Leaf. It’s said that whatever this concept ends up being, it’s going to closely resemble the production car it previews. It’s also said that the production car will be revealed in 2020 with it reaching customers in 2021. That’s a long way away, especially with how quickly the industry is advancing, but we’re interested to see what Audi has planned for this little EV.

Nico DeMattia

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