Gorgeous classic Audi Quattro up for auction

For Audi enthusiasts, the original Quattro is the car to own. Not only is it the car that put Audi’s name on the performance map but it’s also incredibly rare and fantastic to drive. It checks every box for a car enthusiasts. It’s fast, fun, good looking, rare and has an incredibly history. What’s not to love? Usually the price, that’s what’s not to love. However, this specific Audi Quattro is up for auction at the moment and it’s going for an estimated price that doesn’t sound bad at all.

This specific car is a 1991 Audo Quattro 20v, right-hand drive and only has 32,233 miles on the odometer. So it’s very clean, very fresh and in superb condition. It’s also painted in the highly desirable Tornado Red with grey leather interior. It also gets the original steering wheel and the famous digital gauge cluster. Every aspect of the car has been given either a “very good” or “excellent” rating. It looks absolutely ace and every Audi enthusiast with the funds should look into buying this.

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Under the hood lies a turbocharged 2.2 liter five-cylinder engine, making about 220 hp. That five-pot was mated to a five-speed manual and, obviously, Quattro all-wheel drive. It might not be the fastest car you’ll ever drive but it’s surely fast enough to be fun. Plus, that fire-spitting engine makes an icredible noise and the Quattro is absolutely dominant in slippery conditions. So take it on the dirt, in the snow or even just heavy rain and there aren’t many cars that can keep up.

At the moment, this Audi Quattro is estimated to auction for between £35,000 – 40,000 ($45,000 – $52,000). That’s pretty damn good for such a rare car with its low mileage and superb condition. It’s even painted in the most desirable color. Plus, Audi Quattros will continue to appreciate in value, so it’s a good investment. That is, if you can keep from hooning it in the woods, as it was made to do.

Nico DeMattia

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