Classic Audi Quattro review tells us what it’s like to drive an icon

Of all the great performance Audis in the brand’s history, the original Audi Quattro is the most legendary. Its legendary status stems from its incredible racing pedigree and it being the car that spawned the now-famous Quattro all-wheel drive system. But what’s it actually like to drive? Is it actually as good as the legend claims? In this new review from Goodwood Road & Racing, we get the scoop.


According to this new review, the Audi Quattro is not only great to drive, even almost forty years on, but you can tell that it’s something special. Its Quattro all-wheel drive system might be the original and it might be old tech but it’s incredibly effective. You can power into and out of corners and just let the car’s all-wheel drive system figure out the grip and keep you stable. It must be an odd sensation but it seems to not only be effective but also fun.

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Its also fast enough to be fun. While the 2.1. liter turbocharged five-cylinder engine has tons of ’80s-style turbo-lag, that actually adds to the fun and the character of the car. Once you learn how the turbo boost comes on and how to apply it properly, it becomes great fun.


We’d love to drive an original Audi Quattro, though the chances of that happening seem slim. So we’re very jealous of this test drive, as the Quattro is one of the most important cars of its era. Not only did it thrust Audi into the mainstream as a performance automaker but it made all-wheel drive in performance cars popular. So it was a very influential car. More than that, though, it’s actually still great to drive, over three decades later. Some people might tell you not to eat your heroes. In the case of the Audi Quattro, go ahead and meet it.

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[Source: Goodwood Road & Racing]
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