Clarkson hails Audi Q7 V12 TDi as “brilliant crap”


For those that don’t know, Top Gear is the world famous car show that has gained notoriety more from the personalities of its hosts, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May, than the cars they review and test in their always interesting challenges. Out of the three hosts, Jeremy Clarkson has the most – expressive – personality and has been known to be outspoken critic of many car brands and proponent of global warming so long as he gets high horsepower, high octane cars. In recent seasons, he’s gone as far as to say that “BMW drivers are all c*cks!” and “M3 drivers have no friends.” and even more recently saying that “All c*cks now drive Audis!”

Well, Jezza has gotten his hands on the new, nuclear Audi Q7 V12 TDI which produces just shy of 500HP and an incredible 738 lb ft – which, according to Clarkson: “…is enough to restart a dead planet.” However, here’s the kicker, he doesn’t like the Q7. Maybe it was because James May beat him and his Volvo XC90 in a Q7 a number of years ago in the Top Gear Winter Olympics? No, Clarkson feels that the interior is too small to be practical for someone with a large family and carrying a lot of baggage on vacation.


However, once behind the wheel, Jezza found his impression of the Q7 V12 changed from one of his typical disgust to being quite pleased when he realized he was chasing down co-host Richard Hammond on his Suzuki Hayabusa on the highway en route to the Top Gear track. This then caused him to gush about the power you can silently apply in this, the biggest Audi going to call it “Mad. Bonkers. Stupid.” Yet, he forgot to mention that the Q7 returns a combined fuel economy of 25MPG!

So, ultimately, Clarkson hates the Q7 while loving the V12 TDI – does it make sense? Not really, but then again, that’s just how he is. Hit this jump to read his full review.

(Source: London Times via Autoblog)