Clarkson drives the new Audi A8

Jeremy Clarkson has never been a big Audi fan. At least that’s the way it comes across on television. There have been a few Audis over the years that he’s seemed to have liked but he’s just never struck us as an Audi guy. Reason being has a lot to do with his love for soul and character and personality, automotive qualities most known for being in Alfa Romeos or BMWs. Not so much Audis. So when I saw that he reviewed the new Audi A8, we were expecting a hilarious and witty review that really stuck it to the A8. Instead, though, he actually seemed to like it.

Admittedly, Clarkson is the Audi A8 sort of chap. He’s more of a hot hatch or sports car person, hence his owning a Volkswagen GTI. So he would never actually buy one of these. However, he does say if he’s ever in the market for a big, luxo-barge, he’d go with the Audi A8. And his reasoning make a lot of sense.

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When you buy a car like the Audi A8, you aren’t buying it for its driving dynamics or its performance. You’re buying it because it’s a lovely place to sit for long periods of time while you get to work. And, according to Clarkson at least, the new A8 is a better place to sit than the equivalent BMW 7 Series or Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

Up front, you’re greeted with a dashboard that’s seemingly just a wall of glass. Sure, it gets a bit fingerprint-y but its massive dual-touchscreen setup seems to work well. It also has comfy seats, superb built quality and a stylish design. So sitting up front is easily comfortable for several hours. In the back of the car, he’s a bit let down by the ride quality, which he says is too stiff, but that it’s otherwise great. There are tablets back there that control almost everything and tons of rich ambient lighting.

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Clarkson isn’t someone who will buy an Audi A8, as he’s a true enthusiasts who wants to feel some emotion from both the purchase and the car. But if he ever does buy a bit luxo-barge, it will have four rings on its hood.

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