VIDEO: Check this 900 HP Audi RS7 Sportback

Audi RS7

Big Audi Sport models are big fan-favorites for tuners. Due to their easily tunable twin-turbocharged V8s, immense all-wheel drive grip and durable eight-speed automatics, big Audi Sport models like the RS6 and RS7 are very popular for tuners going for big power. For example, this Audi RS7 Sportback tuned by Magic Motorsport makes a whopping 900 horsepower.


In this new video from Automotive Mike, we get to see this monster RS7 at the drag strip. But we also get to hear it. What’s interesting is that most of the tuning work done to this car is custom. It claims that the intercooler, exhaust and intake are all custom designed. However, even more interesting than that, is the fact that it’s said to be running stock turbos.

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Though, just looking at it, there’s no mistaking anything about this RS7 for being stock. Its vibrant red/black wrap is about as loud as a wrap can be and it actually sort of looks like the camo wrap Audi used for e-tron vehicles before their launches. It is cool, though.


It certainly doesn’t sound stock, either. The noise this Audi RS7 Sportback makes when it revs is about as angry as we’ve ever heard from one of Audi’s 4.0 liter twin-turbo V8s. Not only is it very loud but it sounds vicious and violent. It’s not exactly the prettiest exhaust noise ever but if you want to intimidate other cars around you, it’s going to be perfect.

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A bit later in the video, the RS7 takes to the drag strip and, ironically, takes on an older Audi RS6 Avant. At the start, the RS6 driver gets the better launch, seeming to have a better reaction time. However, it must not make anywhere near 900 horsepower, as the RS7 quickly catches up and ends up not only winning but finishing the race with a higher trap speed, doing it at 257 km/h, versus 249 km/h.


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