Check out this widebody tuning kit for the Audi SQ7 from ABT

Cars like the Audi SQ7 aren’t exactly the most popular tuning candidates. Sure, the SQ7 is fast and has a big engine but it’s more of a rapid family-hauler than thrilling enthusiast’s machine. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be tuned, that it can’t be made more exciting. That’s where ABT Sportsline comes in.


This new widebody tuning kit from ABT makes the Audi SQ7 looks far more aggressive. It gets a new front lip spoiler, a new rear diffuser, a roof spoiler and, most importantly, flared wheel arches. It takes a relatively average looking SUV and turns it into something much more exciting.


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On the inside, it gets a lot of carbon fiber. A lot of carbon fiber. On the seat bases, on the shift lever and even on the sides of the dashboard so if you open the doors you immediately see carbon. It’s everywhere.


Under the hood, it even gets a bit of a power bump. The 4.0 liter twin-turbocharged V8 diesel engine now makes 510 hp and a monstrous 715 lb-ft of torque thanks to ABT power. In addition to that power, it also gets a new exhaust to make the diesel engine sound a bit better.


The Audi SQ7 is fun for an SUV as it stands but it does lack a certain edge, a certain thrill. Despite all of its diesel grunt, it’s a bit sedate. However, if you’re an SQ7 owner and you want a bit more thrill, a bit more spice, then the ABT Sportsline tuning kit is probably right for you. Not only does it add more visual aggression, both inside and out, but it also adds enough extra power to make you feel the difference. It’s not a supercar but 715 lb-ft of torque is going to make anything but supercars disappear in your rear-view mirror. That’s worth the cost of the tuning kit alone.


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[Source: ABT Sportsline]
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