Check out the Awesome Audi Rally TT made by Audi Trainees

We just saw the Audi AI:TRAIL at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show and it was a refreshing change of pace from the boring city-based economy car concepts we’re so used to seeing. However, the four-ringed brand actually showed off another off-roading concept car awhile back and it was actually made by Audi trainees — the Audi Rally TT.

The very funky, very cool Audi Rally TT is essentially a rugged off-road version of the TT RS. So it’s not quite as wild and futuristic as the AI:TRAIL but it’s every bit as cool.

It’s been designed to harken back to the old-school Audi 200 Safari, a rally-racing version of the 200 sedan. The original car was awesome and so is this Audi Rally TT. Admittedly, the only things it has in common with the 200 Safari are its livery and dirt-road capability.

The Audi Rally TT is much more rugged, with its jacked up ride height and knobby tires. It also loses its rear window and instead gets an awesome looking tire rack that holds two knobby spares. It also gets some matte grey paint, flared wheel arches and some cool yellow lights built into the front bumper. I also like how its exhaust pipes are built into its rear body work. Overall, it’s just a very cool looking car that we wish Audi would actually develop.

Powering he Rally TT is the same 2.5 liter turbocharged five-cylinder engine as the TT RS. So it has 400 hp and 354 lb-ft of torque. Though, we’re assuming that it couldn’t be as fast as the actual TT RS due to its seemingly higher curb weight and larger, less grippy tires. Still, we’d actually probably rather drive the Rally TT on some dirt or gravel roads, as it just looks like so much fun.

The Audi Rally TT is one display at the Audi Forum in Neckarsulm, Germany. So if you want to see it in person, that’s where it will be.

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