Check out the Audi S3 Prototype in New Photo Gallery

Some preliminary test drives of the Audi S3 Prototype have been circling the internet for the past couple of days. European publications were given a chance to drive the pre-production S3 and provide some feedback on its new technologies and driving dynamics. We shared some of those reviews with you all already looked at what’s new. However, official photos of the S3 Prototype weren’t available to publications outside of Europe until now.


Check out this new photo gallery featuring the next-gen 2020 S3 Sportback in a funky looking wrap. The black and white wrap is meant to sort of hide its body lines and shapes, keeping its final design at least semi-hidden from the public eye. It doesn’t work, though, does it? We can totally see the car’s design.

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That said, it’s a good looking car, the new Audi S3. It’s not groundbreaking or all that different from its predecessor but it’s still a handsome thing. It’s most certainly sportier and even more premium looking than the current car but it still looks sophisticated enough to be a typical understated Audi.


Unfortunately, there are no official photos of the interior. Audi wants to keep that under wraps until the official release at the Geneva Motor Show next month. Still, we’ve already seen some spy photos of the S3 and its interior and we have to say that we’re kind of impressed. The big touchscreen, virtual cockpit and all new shift lever make it seem very high-tech and  sportier than before. And it’s likely inside where the biggest visual changes are made over its predecessor.

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The main areas of improvement for the new Audi S3 are as follows; all-wheel drive, driver select, variable steering and stability control. All of these areas have been improved significantly over its predecessor. So the Haldex-based all-wheel drive system now responds faster than before, its adaptive dampers are now better calibrated, its steering is sharper thanks to a faster steering rack and its stability control can now squeeze inside brakes through corners for better stabilization. All of this is now controlled by one brain, too, so it all reacts in real time and each system can work off of the other, making for a far more comprehensive driving setup.


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Will this make a difference? We certainly hope so, considering the engine hasn’t changed a bit, over the current-gen car. Still, we’re excited to find out.

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