Check Out Car and Driver’s 1982 Review of the Audi Ur Quattro

The Audi Ur Quattro is the stuff of legends. There’s simply no denying it and car enthusiasts of every brand all respect the Quattro for its influence in the industry and its dominance on the rally stage. However, much of that praise has come long after the Ur Quattro’s been gone. What did enthusiasts and journalists think back when it was new?


In this recent post from Car and Driver, we get to go all the way back to 1982, to the June issue of C&D magazine (remember print magazines?) to see what they had to think about the Ur Quattro in its own day.

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This is a fascinating review, as it shows us just what people thought of driving the Audi Ur Quattro for the first time. Not only driving the Quattro, though, but driving anything like the Quattro. Nowadays, all-wheel drive performance cars are as common as street signs in America. Back in 1982, however, the idea of a performance GT car with permanent four-wheel drive seemed like crazy talk.


Once customers and journalists drove it, though, they began to understand. Its all-wheel drive grip made it incredibly easy to devour hundreds of miles, while sustaining nearly triple-digit speeds. Not only that but it also made the driver happy. In today’s world, you do the same trip at the same speed in a Camry but it won’t feel as solid or stable and it won’t be as fun.

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What’s also interesting is to hear the pitfalls of the Ur Quattro. Looking back, we all only remember the good stuff. However,  it wasn’t a perfect car and had some flaws of its own. It understeered too much at the limit, its chassis dynamics weren’t brilliant on dry pavement, it lacked luggage space and it was a bit too expensive.


Even still, almost every Car and Driver journalist had mostly nice things to say about it. We all remember the Audi Ur Quattro as a brilliant, groundbreaking car but it’s interesting to see how it was received back when it was new.

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[Source: Car and Driver]
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