Check out Audi Design Boss Marc Lichte’s own Audi RS6 Avant

It’s always cool to see automotive designers and engineers enjoying the cars they helped create. It’s also cool to see how they would spec their cars. In this new article from Car Magazine, we get to see both of those things from Audi design boss Marc Lichte, who takes Car Mag editor Georg Kacher for a ride in his new Audi RS6 Avant.


It’s hard to not love the new Audi RS6 Avant. Not only is it a brutally fast family luxury wagon but it also looks fantastic and handles like a genuine sports car. So it’s not just a car that excites the mind but one that excites the heart as well. It ignites passion. As evidenced by Lichte and his own RS6.

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Lichte’s Audi RS6 Avant is painted in a killer Exclusive color option called ‘Tactical Green’. While it’s an exciting color, Lichte kept the rest of the car is a bit more reserved.


“To soften this presence, I chose the black pack and refrained from adding any carbonfibre exterior accents,” he told Car Magazine. “This way, it’s only body color [Tactical Green] and glossy black paint, plus of course a dash of chrome on the bespoke 22-inch wheels. The result is not exactly understated, and yet it is friendly rather than aggressive.”


Obviously, being the head of design, Lichte knows a thing or two about making a car look cool. And boy does he deliver with his own Audi RS6 Avant. That green paint with contrast black accents looks fantastic and is now a color scheme I think I need on my own car.


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It’s a great read, this article from Car Mag, as it gives us an insight into both the Audi RS6 Avant as a car and why Lichte spec’d his the way he did. Check it out.


[Source: Car Magazine]
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