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It’s hard to not talk about the 2018 Audi A7. The second-gen A7 is dominating Audi’s headlines at the moment and for good reason. For one thing, it’s a stunner, looking even better than the car it replaces and having one of the best looking cabins in the industry. It also brings a ton of technology and luxury to the A7, which was previously a bit low-rent compared to its competitors. Though, as impressive as the tech and luxury is, the headliner for the new Audi A7 is its design.

Audi has recently released some new video and photos on the new A7, its design and the people behind it. It’s quite interesting to see what its designers say about it, why they designed each aspect of the car and the work that went into it. In the video, we hear from Marc Lichte, Audi’s lead designer, as well as the designers behind the interior and lighting. It’s really quite fascinating to listen to them talk about their work and what inspired them. Even if you have to read the translated German subtitles…

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There are some really great photos, as well. In the pictures, we see all of the little intricate details of the wood trim, leather and tech that went into the design and interior. It’s really quite impressive and there’s a painstaking attention to detail on display. It’s also interesting to see the photos of engineers working on the design of the infotainment system. Much like the Audi A8, the new A7 features Audi’s new MMI system, which incorporates dual touchscreens, rather than the system with a rotary dial. While we’d still prefer physical controls, as they’re more reliable and easier to use while driving, it seems that Audi went to great lengths to insure its ease of use.

We can’t wait to get an up close, in person look at the new Audi A7. We’re even more impatient to get behind the wheel. However, until then, these videos and photos give us great insight into the creation of the car and let us geek out about it even further, while we await its release.

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