Cheap Audi A4 B9 rendered with steel wheels and uncolored bumpers

Independent artist X-Tomi Design has envisioned the new Audi A4 B9 with a new entry-level trim. Audi has not released just yet pricing details concerning their new compact sedan, but most likely it will be a tad more expensive than the outgoing version which kicks off at €33,150 in Germany. X-Tomi decided create a hypothetical version to serve as a base model with a considerably lower price tag after removing some of the features that we now take for granted in an Audi.

For example, it doesn’t have stylish alloy wheels as these were replaced with a more rudimentary set of steel wheels while the front and rear bumpers together with the side mirrors are no longer painted in the same color as the rest of the body. You will also notice that it lacks fog lights and comes with a simple headlight configuration, all for the purpose of lowering the starting price as much as possible.

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All these changes have made the 2016 Audi A4 B9 Sedan look like a non-premium product which is why such a version will never be introduced as it would hurt the company’s image, even though it would probably increase sales a lot given the more accessible starting price.

Adrian Padeanu

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