Celebrities Love Audis!

It’s no secret that Audi AG is making rapid growth for market shares of the luxury segment within the U.S. market. In doing so they’ve implemented new ad campaigns for the Superbowl, the Inauguration and viral videos such as Meet the Beckers, then there is the whole issue of the billboard wars with BMW.


However, as of the last few months, Audi is getting a new type of press to exhibit their cars from the likes of website sites like Celebrity Car Blog or TMZ. That’s right, celebrities are showing a lot of love as of late for the 4 Ringed cars. Some big names have been snapped by the paparazzi rolling in quattro-driven cars. Just to name a few of the celebs spotted, here’s a quick list:

– Ben Affleck, writer, director and actor,  seems to enjoy driving his S8

– Jessica Biel, movie star and part-time model, prefers the drop top TT


– BJ Novak, writer and star of The Office, is cruising in a now-late A5 3.2L V6

– Gisele, model and now wife of Tom Brady, also looks comfy in her A8L

If you hit this jump, you can see a whole plethora of celebs and their Audi’s or just check out whatever other whips celebs like to roll in!

(Source: Celebrity Cars Blog)