Castagna Milano teases a W12-powered Audi A8 Allroad

If you’re perplexed by the headline, so were we when we first read it. However it seems like a very real project is being teased by Milan-based coach-builder, Castagna Milano. The Italian coach-builder is seriously making a W12-powered Audi A8 Allroad and we’re very excited about it.

Based on a previous-gen Audi A8, this project is hilarious and fantastic. Typically, I’m not a big fan of Allroad Audis because they’re just dumb replacements for Avants so Americans can feel “active”. However, this is just so delightfully incongruous and absurd that I love it.

Essentially, Castagna Milano is taking a previous-gen A8 and stuffing it with one of VW Groups’ W12 engines, which is typically twin-turbocharged. That means it will likely have about 550-600 hp. Which is a great start. Then, it gets a custom carbon fiber wagon roof, which is then painted black, giving the car a two-tone effect. After that, it gets a higher ride height, plastic body cladding and roof racks, making it an Allroad and not just an Audi A8 Avant.

Admittedly, we have no way of knowing if this will actually be made or if it’s just a design study or maybe even just a joke. These photos from Castagna Milano’s Facebook look like renders rather than real photos of a real car. But we really do hope it becomes a real car that customers can actually buy. The idea of an Audi A8 Allroad is absurd in its own right but when you add in a monstrously large and powerful W12 engine, it becomes absolute ridiculous in the best way.

Especially considering the fact that previous-gen Audi A8s can be had for decently cheap nowadays. If this is something that Castagna Milano actually starts doing, I will buy an Audi A8 immediately and send it to Milan to have it become this wonderful insanity. If my wife lets me, of course.

Nico DeMattia

I've been in love with cars since I was a kid, specifically German cars. Now I get to drive them talk about them on the internet.