Carscoops claims first-gen Audi Q7 to be best

Carscoops recently posted an article claiming that the original Audi Q7 is the ultimate SUV. While the first-gen Audi Q7 was an outstanding SUV, and one we at QD like very much, calling it the ultimate SUV is a bit of a stretch. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, obviously, but ours is a bit different.

2014 Audi Q7 (US-spec)
First-Gen Audi Q7 (US Spec)

The reasoning behind Carscoops “ultimate SUV” claim were  as follows:

1.) Roominess. This was certainly true. The first-gen Audi Q7 had best-in-class interior room.

2.) That it drove like a big Audi Avant. This I will dispute, as the Q7 had a hard time hiding its weight and always felt big.

3.) Most comfortable car in its class. This could possibly be true, the seats were excellent and the suspension was nice and cushy, without feeling floaty.

4.) The 3.0 TDI engine was excellent. The 3.0 TDI was a great engine, as it was torquey enough to pull the weight of the big Q7 without feeling overwhelmed and returned decent fuel economy.

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I will have to dispute some of this claim of it being the ultimate SUV, however. The first-gen Audi Q7 was a great car. It genuinely was incredibly spacious, comfortable and luxurious. It also had decent handling and power while looking and feeling like a proper luxury item. There are some downsides to the original Q7, however. It could never hide its considerable mass, so it always felt as big and heavy as it was, even with its incredibly light steering. Which leads to another issue with the Q7. Its steering was so light and vague that using it to pilot a massively heavy SUV became quite nerve-racking at high speed. When it comes to engines, the 3.0 TDI engine was probably the best engine to tug its considerable heft. But every other engine would return hopeless fuel economy, trying to haul all of that weight.

2015 Audi Q7 3.0 TDI (UK-spec)
Second-Gen Audi Q7 (3.0 TDI UK Spec)

While the first-gen Q7 was a very good SUV, ultimate is a bit of hyperbole. The new Audi Q7s far improved in every measurable and immeasurable way. It’s better looking, being sharper and more distinguished. The interior is one of the best in the business, being both incredibly luxurious and highly modern. The engines are better and, because of the 300 lb weight loss over its predecessor, give the Q7 better performance and fuel economy. It also handles far better, thanks in no small part to the dramatic weight loss. So, if Carscoops claims the original Audi Q7 to be the ultimate SUV, how do they feel about the new one?

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