Car and Driver reviews the Audi RS7 Performance

While a bit long in the tooth now, the Audi RS7 Performance is still an absolute monster. Admittedly, the Performance variant is a bit new but the RS7 as a whole is getting quite old. Still, though, 605 hp is a monstrous figure that flat-out embarrasses most other performance cars. But horsepower isn’t everything, so is the RS7 Performance still any good, even though all of its competitors are newer?

According to Car and Driver, it still has a lot of reason to want it, though only if you don’t need five seats. That’s one of the bigger downfalls of the RS7 Performance, though there aren’t many. It also has relatively numb steering, which has been said about it since its inception. Oh, and it’s ride can loosen dental work, it’s that stiff. However, if you can overlook those things, which many enthusiasts can, the Audi RS7 Performance is an absolute beast of a machine.

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It’s mighty 4.0 liter twin-turbocharged V8 uses its 605 hp to rocket it to 60 mph in just 3.2 seconds and on to 100 mph in just over 7 seconds and it can run an 11.3 quarter-mile stock. That’s properly quick. All the while, it can shuttle four adults and a decent amount of luggage in its surprisingly practical hatchback trunk. It’s hard to argue with that.

It also looks fantastic, as the RS7 Performance is still a handsome machine. The Performance variant doesn’t look that much different from the standard car but its grille is blacked out and has some other black touches, such as window trim and exhaust surround, that make it more aggressive looking. On the inside, some of the tech is dated now, with the MMI system lagging a bit behind its more modern siblings, such as the A4 and Q7, but the cabin is still comfortable, premium and lovely.

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Overall, it seems like Car and Driver liked the RS7 despite some of its faults. It is an old car now and its competitors are starting to pass it by. However, it’s still and old dog worth adopting.

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